July 15 2015

Press Release: Feiyue

pdsCommerceTM, an Enterprise-level Commerce Platform, Launches with Footwear Brand, Feiyue from BBC International

For Immediate Release: Providence, RI – July 15, 2015

pdsCommerce is proud to officially introduce its namesake platform pdsCommerceTM, an enterprise-level, PaaS-based commerce platform designed to meet the growing needs of B2C and B2B retailers. Feiyue, a subsidiary of BBC International LLC, is the first retailer to go live on this new platform.

"This is a really exciting announcement for our company," comments Kevin Kennedy, Founder & CEO of pdsCommerce. "Through years of building world class commerce solutions, we gained great insight into the gaps between what retailers need and what is offered today in the marketplace. Armed with that knowledge and a team of incredible technologists, we engineered pdsCommerce, a complete commerce solution."

The platform's release coincided with BBC's latest venture, the acquisition of Feiyue. Joining BBC in the United States is the latest step in Feiyue's journey toward global expansion. Already prominent in the Chinese and French markets, the brand now needed a site designed to appeal to its target American demographic.

Robert (Bob) Campbell, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of BBC selected pdsCommerce after researching potential commerce platforms for Feiyue's inaugural U.S. site.

"pdsCommerce was a perfect fit for our business needs. Its standard platform functionality met all of our criteria, but more importantly than that, its unique product offering allowed us to bring our brand to market without a substantial capital outlay, as implementation and design fees are included with the platform," comments Campbell.

pdsCommerce's client-friendly business model requires retailers to pay only a monthly subscription fee based on the GMV of actual sales, aligning pdsCommerce‘s goals with its clients' goals to ensure joint success.

Members of the Feiyue team worked closely with the project delivery team at pdsCommerce throughout the entire design and implementation phases, as well as participated in several extensive training sessions with a pdsCommerce Strategic Consultant pre- and post-launch on operating their new, fully responsive, commerce site. pdsCommerce provides Feiyue with the flexibility to manage its entire product lifecycle through Commerce Manager, the user-friendly backend system – from its Image Sizing tool, which automatically resizes product images for all of their various uses on the site, to its Promotions and Reporting Engines, to capturing funds from sales through the fully functional OMS.

pdsCommerce was also built with "speed to market" in mind, which was another deciding factor for Feiyue. Combining best-in-class project management skills, a team of dedicated developers, and a robust platform with many integrations already built in, pdsCommerce can launch a site in as little as 12 weeks. This is a significant reduction in development time when compared to some of the popular enterprise-level platforms available today, which can take up to six months or more to complete.

Kennedy states, "Our goal is to optimize the way retailers do business online. We created a system that encapsulates best practices and that is easy to operate for both the retailer and the customer. I am proud to have successfully launched Feiyue on pdsCommerce, but that's just the beginning for us. I am very excited about our new product and its ability to allow our clients to deliver an amazing customer experience."

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